Cancer mouse xenografts are a popular cancer model. Researchers have long explored the use of orthotopic xenograft models since they are more likely to reflect to anatomy of the relevant cancer to study. Additionally, a subrenal model should reflect more the vasculogenesis and tumor growth compared to a subcutaneous model. The subcutaneous xenograft model is still popular because the technique is easier to accomplish. A subcapsular model usually requires an open surgical approach to expose the kidney follow by injection. The procedure is technically difficult, time intensive, and is associated with higher mortality.

We were inspired by the movement of minimally invasive approaches for human surgeries and the popular use of ultrasound guided techniques. We developed an ultrasound guided subcapsular injection technique for developing mouse subcapsular xenografts. This technique should be faster, associated with less complications, and use less surgical resources.

See our success at implementing this technique in the video below: